Daniel's Donuts MyJam Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions

Daniel’s Donuts MyJam Loyalty Program (My Jam) is operated by Daniels Donuts Retail Pty Ltd (ACN 655 095 471) of Level 13, 10 Queens Road, Melbourne Victoria 3004 (Daniel’s Donuts). By signing up and participating in MyJam, you or any user of MyJam agree to these terms and conditions (Terms), Daniel’s Donut’s Privacy Policy found here (Privacy Policy) and the Online Ordering Terms and Conditions found here (Ordering Terms), each as amended from time to time. Your continued participation in MyJam will constitute your acceptance of any changes or revisions.


(1) Participation in MyJam is open to Australian Residents 18 years and over who have a unique valid email address and mobile phone number. Individuals under 18 years must have parent or guardian’s consent before registering for MyJam and the parent or guardian must read and agree to these Terms. For the purposes of this clause, ‘Australian Resident’ means a person who resides in Australia and who holds Australian citizenship or holds an Australian permanent residency visa.

(2) Participation in MyJam is limited to one account per user. Multiple accounts per user (as determined by name, email or mobile number) will result in the additional accounts being closed, and any Points, benefits and rewards attached cancelled or forfeited, at the absolute discretion of Daniel’s Donuts.

(3) Daniel’s Donuts reserves the right to refuse participation in MyJam to any person at any time.

Program Registration

(4) To participate in MyJam, you must: (a) Register online on the official Daniel’s Donuts website (Website) directing you to MyJam here or download the official Daniel’s Donuts App (App); and (b) Follow the prompts to register by completing required details including your name, email address and mobile number.

(5) Once you have successfully verified your email address and completed registration, you will receive a welcome email confirming your registration as a MyJam member. You will be provided with a unique MyJam member number and barcode which needs to be used as part of the MyJam benefits and rewards. Daniel’s Donuts Website and App

(6) Daniel’s Donut online ordering service on the Website and App is operated by a third party software provider, Redcat Pty Ltd (ABN 88 090 409 920) (Redcat), who will access, store and useyour personal information input into MyJam in accordance with their privacy policy found here.

(7) Orders placed on the Website or the App are subject to the Ordering Terms and Privacy Policy.

(8) Use of the Website or App may be dependent on certain hardware and software to operate, use or access any part of your account including Points, benefits and rewards. Daniel’s Donuts is not responsible for your inability to access the Website or App due to incompatible hardware or software or any scheduled or unscheduled shutdown, stoppage or any other downtime that results in the Website or App being unavailable for any reason.

Benefits and Rewards

(9) As part of MyJam, you agree to receive benefits and rewards as determined and communicated by Daniel’s Donuts from time to time, in its sole discretion. Benefits and rewards may be sent to you directly to your registered email account, mobile number, via the App, or advertised in various mediums and channels including on the Website, print and social media.

(10) As a MyJam member, you can earn 10 points for every dollar spent on Daniel’s Donuts products, including donuts (single, 6 packs or 12 packs), pies, sausage rolls, cheese rolls, spinach rolls, pasties, bottled drinks, milkshakes, iced drinks, merchandise and barista made coffee (Points).

(11) Points will be added to you MyJam account as they accumulate. If payment for your order cannot be made or accepted, or if your order is cancelled or changed for any reason whether by you or Daniel’s Donuts, Points will not be assigned. Any refund of goods (where applicable) will result in Points being deducted for that purchase.

(12) Upon achieving a certain number of Points, Points can be redeemed for Daniel’s Donuts products, including donuts (single or 6 packs), pies, sausage rolls, cheese rolls, spinach rolls, pasties, bottled drinks, milkshakes, iced drinks, merchandise and barista made coffee. The Points applicable for each product will be notified to you from time to time, subject to change, and is at the sole discretion of Daniel’s Donuts.

(13) To redeem Points under MyJam, you must present your unique MyJam member number or barcode, whether purchasing online, on the App or in store, which will link to your Point balance. You will only be able to redeem Points for products which equate to your Point balance at any given time.

(14) Subject to this clause 14, Points can be earned and redeemed through purchases made on the App, on the Website here, online (pick-up or Daniel’s Donuts Delivery), at participating Daniel’s Donuts stores (dine-in or takeaway) [or orders placed on the phone]. Benefits and rewards cannot be earned or redeemed against purchases made through third party providers, delivery services or other goods or services as communicated by Daniel’s Donuts from time to time. This includes, but is not limited to, all delivery partners and stand-alone Daniel’s Donuts stores that appear within petrol stations or the Flinders St location. Daniel’s Donuts reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change participating ordering platforms and stores that are eligible for Points and other benefits and rewards at any time.

(15) You may be required to provide photo identification to verify for identity for any benefits or rewards offered as part of MyJam.

(16) Daniel’s Donuts reserves the right to offer other MyJam benefits and rewards, and run specific competitions, promotions and Points boosts, asadvertised by Daniel’s Donuts from time to time. Specific conditions may apply to such benefits and rewards, and these will be run at the sole discretion of Daniel’s Donuts and as notified to you. Delivery fees may still be applicable and are excluded from any benefits and rewards, unless stated otherwise.

(17) All benefits and rewards are subject to availability. Substitutes may be offered at Daniel’s Donuts absolute discretion. All benefits and rewards that form part of MyJam, including the Free Donut Deal and Birthday Deal (as set out below), cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash or otherwise, unless expressly stated. Any prices or values stated in connection or for a benefit or reward is correct at the time of publication. Blackout periods, such as public holidays, restaurant closures etc, may apply. Daniel’s Donuts in its absolute discretion may change or amend a benefit or reward, including ceasing the benefit or reward, without notification. Daniel’s Donuts is not responsible for any late, lost, misdirected, damaged or undeliverable benefits and rewards.

Free Donut Deal

(18) Upon registering for MyJam, you will be eligible to receive one (1) free donut, which is valid for one (1) transaction only and can be redeemed for any free Daniel’s Donut in store only (Free Donut Deal).

(19) Daniel’s Donuts may at any time, in its sole discretion and without notice update, change or withdraw a Free Donut Deal.

Birthday Deal

(20) When registration of MyJam has been active for (1) month, you will be eligible to receive one (1) free donut on your birthday (Birthday Deal).

(21) The Birthday Deal is valid for one (1) transaction only and is valid for (3) three days prior and (3) days after the date of birth provided at registration.

(22) Daniel’s Donuts may at any time, in its sole discretion and without notice update, change or withdraw a Birthday Deal. You may be required to show photo identification verifying your birth date.

(23) You can only register your birthday once. If the information you enter is incorrect, the Birthday Deal cannot be re-used or revised. It is your responsibility to provide the correct information. Your Personal Information and your My Jam account

(24) Personal information collected by Daniel’s Donuts will be used to communicate with you as a MyJam Member and provide you with benefits and rewards under MyJam. Participation in the MyJam is conditional to you providing the required personal information. You consent to receiving marketing, promotional and advertising communications via email or through the Daniel’s Donuts App, unless you advise us otherwise.

(25) You agree to the release of your personal information to authorised third parties as necessary to carry out MyJam and the App, including Redcat and other third parties. For details of our privacy practices including how we collect, use and disclose personal information and how to make a complaint regarding the management of your personal information, please read our Privacy Policy here.

(26) It is your responsibility to advise Daniel’s Donuts of any change of account details including name, email and mobile number as soon as practicable after the change. Updates can be made on the Daniel’s Donuts App or by contacting Daniel’s Donuts directly at info@danielsdonuts.com.au. Daniel’s Donuts is not responsible for any late delivery or loss of benefits or rewards relating to any failure by you to notify us of any change in your details.

(27) You are responsible for all activity in the account including any activity by a third party. Individuals cannot share or have multiple individuals use or redeem the same MyJam account. Only one account can be linked in the App.

(28) Daniel’s Donuts is not responsible for any unauthorised use or access of a My Jam account including through the unique MyJam barcode and redemption of benefits and rewards, including Points, by third parties. It is each MyJam Member’s responsibility to protect their account from misuse or access.

(29) Daniel’s Donuts reserves the right, at any time, to verify the validity and status of actual or prospective MyJam members, registrations, verification of account details and any benefits or rewards issued and redeemed, including identity, age, email and mobile phone number.

(30) In the instance of a dispute of identity (including name, age, email or mobile phone number) of an actual or prospective MyJam member, Daniel’s Donuts reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to reject or determine the identity of the member.

(31) MyJam members must not provide false or misleading information to Daniel’s Donuts and must not alter, reproduce, disclose or interfere with the details of other MyJam members including prospective members. Termination of My Jam or your account

(32) Daniel’s Donuts reserves the right, in its absolute discretion and without prior notice, to remove benefits or offers, terminate or disqualify any MyJam member Daniel’s Donuts has reason to believe has contravened these terms or has tampered or compromised any part of MyJam that could jeopardise the fair and proper conduct of MyJam. Failure by Daniel’s Donuts to enforce any of its rights at any stage does not constitute a waiver of those rights. Daniel’s Donut’s reserve its rights to recover any loss, damages or other compensation from you in such instance.

(33) Daniel’s Donuts may terminate MyJam at any time, with or without notice, which may result in loss and/or cancellation of Points, benefits and rewards associated with MyJam. Points and any other benefits and rewards are not your property and may be revoked, cancelled, limited or modified at any time, even though such action may affect your right to use previously received Points, benefits and rewards.

(34) Interpretation of these terms shall be at the absolute discretion of Daniel’s Donuts, whose decision will be final. Daniel’s Donuts is not liable for Points, benefits and rewards that are lost due to fraudulent, unauthorised, or other unacceptable use. Daniel’s Donuts' decision in relation to all matters arising under MyJam is final and binding, and no correspondence will be entered into.


(35) MyJam registration is free, however all expenses for internet access to use the App, access to the Website or to earn, redeem or access Points, benefits and rewards offered are your responsibility.

(36) Any liability including tax or otherwise connected with receipt, use or redemption of any Points, benefit or reward will not be the responsibility of Daniel’s Donuts.

(37) Events beyond Daniel’s Donuts' control, such as computer equipment or electronic data transmission failure, strikes, acts of God, civil disturbances, terrorism, war, pandemic including COVID-19 and any subsequent outbreak, which may materially affect our ability to perform our obligations under these Terms or may cause us to suspend or terminate MyJam. Daniel’s Donuts is not responsible for such instances including without limitation any injury or damage to you or any other person's computer related to or resulting from participation in or downloading of any materials in MyJam.

(38) These Terms are to be read in conjunction with, and subject to, any additional terms governing any benefit, promotion, discount or offer operated by Daniel’s Donuts. In the case of any inconsistencies, these Terms will prevail.

(39) To the extent permitted by law, Daniel’s Donuts will not be liable for any damages, loss or claim that you may suffer or incur for any reason, including but not limited to consequential loss, because of your use of or participation in MyJam. All benefits and rewards are provided as supplied without any warranties of any kind either expressed or implied. Daniel’s Donuts disclaims all warranties of merchantability, non-infringement and fitness for a purpose or that MyJam, the Website or App will be error-free or free from harmful code.

(40) These Terms and MyJam generally will be governed by the laws of Victoria, Australia. In the event of any dispute or claim associated with Terms, that dispute or claim shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Victoria, Australia.

Last Modified: 16 December 2022