Donut of the Year 2022 Winner!

We have a Winner! 🥳

The first ever Daniel’s Donuts Donut of the Year competition has come to a close! Competition was fierce for second and third place but there was a clear winner taking out the title of the 2022 Donut of the Year.

And the winner is…..

👑🥇 NZ-Style Fresh Cream and Jam Donut!

Coming in close for second and third, these two are solid favourites and go-to flavours for many of you.

🥈 Vanilla Sliced Custard Donut
🥉 Golden Gaytime Donut

A huge thank you to everyone who placed their vote – some of you who voted multiple times and helped those favourites come out on top – we’re so glad you love our donuts as much as we do!

As part of the competition, we’re also giving away a year’s worth of donuts to one lucky winner! Congratulations to….. JODIE, ZAHRA! 🥳🏆👑

If your fav didn’t make the top three, stay tuned for the competition next year and you can vote again to make sure yours is in the running to win.