Unleashing Sweet Mayhem: Halloween Donuts Have Crept into Daniel’s Donuts!

Gather 'round, fellow treat seekers! The most bewitching time of the year has arrived, and we’re offering no tricks, just treats at Daniel's Donuts. We have three new Halloween-inspired donuts that are devilishly delightful... 

Dare to Take a Bite! 

🎃 Spooky Spice: Injected with pumpkin spice custard, cloaked in an orange-coloured white chocolate glaze. Topped with buttercream, and a Halloween choc topper. 🍂🍫  

🧟‍♂️ Jammin' Monster Mash: Let the monster in you dance with delight as you bite into raspberry jam-filled goodness, covered in a red-coloured white chocolate glaze. Decorated with black-coloured white choc drizzles, candy eyes, and a sprinkle of monster magic. 🎨👀  

🍇 Bubblegum Boo: Injected with the magical filling of bubblegum purple choco cream and encased in a purple-coloured white chocolate glaze. Playful orange-coloured white choc drizzles and a candy carnival on top make this a Halloween treat you won't want to miss! 🍭👻 

Our Halloween Donuts are now available in-store and online, just in time to take your festivities from spooky to spooktacular! Sink your fangs into your fave today! 🍩